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Botox treatments can help you to achieve a smooth, flawless face and a more youthful complexion. Salameh Plastic Surgery also offers Dysport treatments. Dr. Salameh and his talented team take the time to get to know you before coming up with a plan of action. We want to know your desires and goals. Once we connect on that level, we can craft a personalized treatment plan. The results are artful, natural, and subtle. They’re long-lasting, too. Every six months, you can visit us for another treatment to maintain your fresh new appearance.


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the benefits ofBOTOX AND DYSPORT

Not only can we sculpt your face and refine your features with Botox treatments and Dysport injections, but they also offer a safe way to reclaim a youthful charm. Both of them are approved by the FDA. They’re non-invasive, as well, which allows you to have the procedure done in the calming comfort of our offices.

Botox and Dysport treatments penetrate the muscles that contract to cause fine lines and wrinkles. Their application reduces the contraction of the muscles, which erases signs of aging and helps to prevent them from continuing to form or deepening. During our consultation appointment, we can talk about other non-surgical options that can complement the Botox or Dysport. Best of all, you’ll begin to notice results in no more than a week. As mentioned, it’s best to repeat the injections every six months or so to maintain your desired results.


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