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Turn to a cellulite reduction treatment to smooth and beautify your rear end, thighs, or any other area. Show off a toned derriere and smooth thighs with the help of Dr. Salameh and Salameh Plastic Surgery. We offer cellulite injections, a non-invasive procedure that’s also non-surgical. That ensures that your recuperation won’t take long at all. In no time, you can debut a new look in a stylish mini skirt or a pair of short shorts. You’re ready to step out looking and feeling phenomenal, and we’re ready to guide you. Let us help you to reach your beauty goals.


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Salameh Plastic Surgery has a cellulite reduction treatment that can transform your thighs, making them taut and toned. Recapture the silhouette you showed off in your youth, no matter where you have cellulite. Explore the non-surgical treatments that we offer. Cellulite injections that target your problem areas will produce noticeable but natural results within two to three sessions, spaced at six weeks apart. Our experts will use injectable dermal filler, which boosts your body’s collagen production. As you produce more collagen, it fills in the dimpled skin that’s characteristic of cellulite.

Subcision is another choice. It involves the insertion of a needle just beneath the skin. The needle breaks up the often tough tissue bands that create cellulite. It can be done while getting a dermal filler injection.


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