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Consider facelift injections to transform the appearance of your face and restore its youthful glow. The skilled staff at Salameh Plastic Surgery relies on Botox and dermal fillers, making it possible to find a liquid facelift near you that’s effortless and fast. With the treatment, you can enjoy all the benefits of a facelift by way of a low-key, non-surgical procedure in a calming environment. After your treatment, we’re confident you’ll feel like your naturally beautiful self. Learn about the benefits of facial injections for a new sense of self confidence.


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Case Studies

reclaiming yourYOUTHFUL GLOW

A treatment with facelift injections will plump your face, relax tension, and fill in both fine lines and wrinkles. Once you experience our Liquid Filler Facelift, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to jump at the opportunity. You’ll also walk out with a face that feels and looks beautiful, relaxed, and youthful.

You can find liquid facelifts near you that are non-invasive and quick, and you can walk out of our offices the same day. Dr. Salameh and his knowledgeable team will meet with you beforehand to talk about what you want and to map out which areas of your face need filler. They will make a recommendation for the best course of action, including any of our skin care products that may be beneficial after the procedure. Transform your face with facelift injections that plump up your skin, create gorgeous contours, and reduce the look of fine lines


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