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TEAR TROUGH UNDER EYEfiller treatment

A tear trough under eye filler treatment is just what you need to restore the youthful luster and sparkle to your eyes. Brighter eyes can transform your face, bringing you back to your natural beauty. Visit Salameh Plastic Surgery for under eye hollow fillers that will last for months, perhaps even years. Wake up every day looking refreshed and rejuvenated no matter how much sleep you get. Pamper your lower eyelids and reap the benefits of this incredible non-invasive procedure.


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Your eyes are much too beautiful to appear anything but youthful. Tear trough under eye fillers applied by skilled estheticians can noticeably brighten them. The use of dermal fillers offers a non-invasive solution that doesn’t require much recovery time at all. Although you may have one or two days of bruising and slight swelling, within a week you’ll be more gorgeous than ever. Following your appointment and a bit of recuperation time, you can step out and show off your dazzling new gaze.

Under eye hollow fillers can banish fine lines and plump up your skin. With the help of a healthy diet and an A+ skin care regimen, you can ensure that you continue looking young and stunning. Enjoy extraordinary results with a quick, painless procedure.


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