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Kybella Treatment at Salameh Plastic Surgery & MedSpa

A well-defined profile is possible with the help of Kybella. This revolutionary treatment addresses deposits of fat, melting them away. Most commonly used for eliminating submental fat (under the chin), Kybella treatment areas now include other parts of the body.

Because Kybella results have been so outstanding since its FDA approval in 2015, new treatment areas are being pursued. These include the lower buttock area, the upper back and lower belly. Because Kybella is minimally invasive, it’s a desirable option for addressing unwanted deposits of excess fat with minimal downtime.

With each treatment, results will gradually reveal a stronger profile and reduced fat in any area targeted. This non-surgical injectable treatment has changed the game, bringing you a natural-looking, defined profile.

How Kybella Treatments Work

Using synthetic deoxycholic acid, Kybella is injected into the treatment area, where the acid breaks down fat cells. Deoxycholic acid occurs naturally and when synthesized, it becomes a powerful therapeutic tool.

Kybella eliminates fat cells which means that once they’ve been addressed, they’re not coming back. The entire cell having been destroyed, there’s no place for the fat to go, except out of your body during the natural process of elimination.

The number of treatments required varies from patient to patient and is determined by the size of the individual area. Most people need two or three sessions but some may require as many as six.

What to Expect with Kybella’s Results

Sessions for Kybella treatment last between fifteen and twenty minutes. Once treatment is completed, you’re free to go about your day because there’s no downtime. As your treatment plan progresses, you’ll begin to see striking, more defined results. The first of these will be visible in approximately four to six weeks of your initial treatment.

Kybella results are long-lasting, with no clinical indications of fat re-establishing. Treatments are spaced one month apart to give your body sufficient time to eliminate fat from the treatment area.

Your treatment plan will be determined in a consultation. Our patient care team will examine the Kybella treatment area and discuss the plan with you, based on the size of the area and the amount of fat to be addressed.

Gorgeous Kybella Results at Salameh Plastic Surgery & MedSpa

The single most important factor in determining the success of Kybella treatment is the quality of your care. At Salameh Plastic Surgery & MedSpa, we put the patient first, bringing you personalized, patient-centered care throughout your treatment plan.

Visit us to benefit from the expertise of our highly-trained patient care team and the comfort of familiar faces, always happy to see you return. At Salameh Plastic Surgery & MedSpa excellence goes hand-in-hand with making you feel welcomed and supported every step of the way.

Schedule a complimentary online consultation to experience the platinum standard in Kybella treatment at Salameh Plastic Surgery & MedSpa.

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