Not to be confused with the Brazilian butt lift, BBL or broadband light therapy, can treat a broad range of skin concerns, including hyperpigmentation, redness, wrinkles, dull skin, or other effects of sun damage or aging. It’s nearly painless, can be performed anywhere on the body, and each treatment only takes about 15 minutes.

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How BBL Works

Unlike laser treatments, which use a continuous stream of light with a single wavelength to treat specific concerns, broadband light therapy uses intense pulses of light with many different wavelengths. This gives it more versatility, as the tool can be adjusted to focus on your individual needs. It also allows it to treat a bigger area of skin. The pulses of light stimulate your body’s natural healing response, creating a tighter, more even-toned complexion.

How BBL Works

What to Expect DuringYour Appointment

  • We begin your BBL treatment by cleansing the skin.
  • Goggles are placed over your eyes to protect them from the bursts of light.
  • Then, we cover your skin with a clear gel.
  • Once your skin is fully prepped, we pass the tool over the treatment area several times as it applies the specialized light flashes to your skin.
  • Finally, we remove the gel, cool your skin, and apply sunscreen.
Your Appointment

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Case Studies

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Every time you visit us for your appointment at Salameh MedSpa, you’ll be greeted by the same friendly faces taking care of you. We work with you one-on-one to create a customized treatment plan that addresses all of your concerns and all of your beauty goals, leaving you feeling comfortable, confident, and beautiful inside and out.

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  • Is there downtime after this treatment?

    You can resume your normal activities and may even be able to enjoy wearing makeup the same day!

  • What does BBL feel like? Does it hurt?

    Since this treatment is non-invasive and gentle, discomfort is minimal. Sometimes, patients describe the sensation similar to that of a small rubber band snapping against skin. Topical numbing agents may be requested. Please ask us more if you are concerned in your initial consultation with us.

  • How many BBL treatments would I need?

    You may notice positive changes even after your first session. Usually we recommend an initial series of 3-5 treatments, one every 2-4 weeks. Depending on your skin condition, more treatments may be necessary.

  • Am I a candidate for broadband light therapy?

    If you are looking to minimize the effects of rosacea, acne, sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, scars, loose skin, or spider veins, this treatment can help, all while working to even out your skin’s natural tone and texture. Get in touch with us to learn about how our cutting-edge BBL treatment technology can serve you in your initial consultation.

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